Can natural HGH supplements for women be an alternative to conventional HRT and BHRT?

It’s no secret that many women including famous celebrities are making use of HGH(human growth hormone) in their anti aging therapies.

BUT what most people don’t know is that Women NATURALLY make more growth hormone (GH) than men do.

It may seem odd, but studies have shown that estrogen is positively linked to human growth hormone (HGH) levels.
Even more interestingly, women taking natural HGH releasers like Genf20 Plus have reported benefits similar to conventional hormone replacement therapy and BHRT like improved libido, hot flashes relief, wrinkles and fine lines reduction, younger looking skin, weight loss, more energy, enhanced immunity and overall better quality of life.

This is significant and compatible with the fact that how estrogen and HGH can work hand in hand in restoring the hormonal balance.

If the amount of estrogen is directly correlated with GH production, how can women benefit from this? Can supplements impact HGH levels and estrogen levels when women stop making optimal and youthful levels of estrogen?

Hormones are like recipes.

If you were making bread and doubling the recipe, you’d probably not increase the quantity of flour to double without also doubling the yeast, water and honey, right?

Hormones work in our bodies in concert and synergy with other hormones, and if we increase one without looking at the others, health issues can arise.

Perhaps that is one reason why conventional hormone restoration methods that focus on only one hormone like estrogen also fail for a lot of women or produce side effects.

Interestingly, HGH happens to be the Master Hormone that seeks to put other hormones in your body in balance. Scientists say it has a huge role to play in homeostasis and that is why it’s now the main ingredient in the anti-aging soup.

It acts like a governing factor for the hormone levels of other hormones in the body.

HGH naturally declines in our bodies as we age. Unfortunately, Anti-aging is a big business now and those anti-aging experts boost your HGH levels with injections that can cost $12,000 or more per year.

But not many doctors are willing to tell you that you can get all the benefits of HGH naturally as well ie. reduce body fat, eliminate wrinkles, build muscle, improve sexual function, and up your energy. These natural treatments are even clinically proven.

The Woman’s Perspective of Growth Hormone, Estrogen, and Testosterone

At first, it seems odd that women make so much more GH than men, considering how much larger and muscular men are general. So why aren’t women more muscular and large?

While there aren’t many studies that address this issue, it’s probable that women aren’t physically affected by GH so much because they don’t produce as much testosterone that men do. Therefore, it seems muscle growth is produced through the combination of GH and testosterone.

It’s quite common for women to lose muscle and gain more fat when going through menopause, as their estrogen starts to decrease. Though the popular notion is that this is due to estrogen loss, it might just as well be due to both estrogen and GH decrease.

Both of these components impact your hair, skin, and nails. Therefore, when women go through menopause; they tend to lose hair, get cracks and weaker nails, and get dry and damaged skin.

It is highly probable that both GH and estrogen levels have a significant impact on the aging process, weight gain, and muscle loss.

Restoring HGH levels to Manage Menopausal Symptoms

Women are acutely aware of the constantly changing hormone levels in their bodies throughout their fertile lives. When a women reaches her mid-30s, her regular hormone levels start to alter. A decade later, she will most likely start her pre-menopause cycle. This is where the estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels waver.
This is accompanied by diminishing levels of the body’s vital hormones such as HGH, DHEA, Pregnenolone, and thyroid function as well. This process will go on until the menstrual cycle ceases and menopause begins.

The lowered creation of estrogen beginning in perimenopause can affect your sexual function directly, such as through vaginal dryness or low libido.

Additionally, it may also affect sex life, in the form of hot flashes and night sweats, which can drain your energy and undermine your desire for sex as a result.

In order to ease the physical symptoms accompanying menopause, women can seek HGH replacement.

The Journal of the American Medical Association claims that restoring youthful “growth hormone” levels just as menopause starts is one of the most effective methods to ease menopausal symptoms.

Studies also document its benefits on making the skin of postmenopausal women more youthful.

Bone density damage or loss can also be revitalized with HGH replacement therapy. Results show that it also allows people to avoid risk of heart disease by making the heart muscles stronger.

Human bones have cells that continuously grow new tissue, and cells that rejuvenate old bone tissue. Estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone all aid in absorbing calcium from the intestines.

Estrogen slows down bone breakdown; while HGH stimulates the very cells that build new bone tissue. That is one reason why athletes and bodybuilders are so interested in HGH because they desperately need stronger bones.
In your mid-20s, GH levels will start to decrease and near your menopause, HGH decline will already have reached “elderly” levels.

An 80 year old human would produce 85 mcg of HGH per day while a 20 year old would produce about 700 mcg.
However, when you increase those declining levels, your diminished bone tissues begin to be rebuilt.
This decline is evident in pre-menopausal women at about 1 to 6 percent of the overall bone mass every year. The most damage ends up affecting the spine.

How Can Women Naturally Increase their HGH Levels?

1). Exercise

It’s a common misconception that all women who seem larger and more muscular than others must all be on anabolic steroids. This might not be the case.

They might just be making a higher GH amount than other women, due to a variety of reasons.

A medical study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine may help explain that exercise stimulates the natural production of growth hormone. Interestingly, it’s the short intense bursts of workouts and strength training that works best in enhancing growth hormone.

Intense exercises can increase the GH levels in both males and females. These levels will increase in quite large amounts when people work out for around 10-20 minutes, working past the lactate thresholds.

It is still true that women will require more strength training within a shorter amount of time for their GH levels to rise as much as men. Intense exercises like Sprinting and Strength training will provide these results, causing women to become more muscular and leaner.

Sprinting and Resistance training makes the production of GH, helps you achieve lean muscle mass, and achieve weight loss much easier than other workouts. Stength training has lots of other anti aging benefits as well.

These are the kinds of exercises that women can use to naturally get stronger, leaner, fitter, and healthier. Sure some low level cardio is good for the heart once in a while, but the real HGH benefits come from an intense anaerobic work out.

2). Better than Bio-identical hormones – Enhancing Your Own Natural Hormones. Gain More GH with Natural Herbal Supplements

Bio-identical hormones became popular when several reports of serious and life threatening side effects of “Hormone Replacement Therapy” (which made use of hormone injections) were documented. For decades, women had relied on synthetic estrogen to treat and ease menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

But when the Women’s Health Initiative study on estrogen and progestin therapy was stopped in 2002 — due to a possible hormone-related increase in the risk of heart disease, stroke, blood clots, and breast cancer — some doctors began promoting bioidentical versions as alternative to dangerous HRT.

These hormones were made from soy and yams, and were claimed to be safer (even though there’s no medical evidence they’re less likely to raise your disease risk).

While bioidentical hormones can reestablish our youthful vigor, side effects can’t be ruled out.

Enhancing our own natural hormones with supplements, herbs and diet is an even more natural approach to enable us in maintaining and/or restoring our hormones. BECAUSE you’re not taking any hormones, rather you’re improving the body’s potential to generate more of its own anti-aging hormones.

Although Bioidentical hormones have been used for many years now, medical experts now claim that they pose the same risks and dangers as conventional HRT and synthetic hormonal injections.

According to Dr. Wulf Utian, renowned expert on several aspects of women’s health, who is highly critical of Suzanne somers’ work on Bioidentical hormones replacement breakthrough, Sexy Forever, – “There is this totally false impression that these so-called bioidentical hormones are somehow safer, or that they don’t carry the risks but they do carry the benefits. Quite frankly, you can’t have your cake and eat it,”.

Other experts claim that The word ‘bioidentical’ is a marketing misnomer — and the claims for safety and efficacy are entirely without merit.

Moreover once someone begins to take bioidenticals, they will likely need to stay on them indefinitely so that the youthful effects continue.

So, what is better than Bio-identical hormones and synthetic hormone injections based conventional HRT?


Natural hormone restoration to naturally support our hormones with nutrition, superfoods and herbs is the way to go.
Amino acids like Arginine, Lysine, Glutamine and Ornithine are well known to increase GH levels, according to several medical studies. Taking these supplements may improve your growth hormone production.

Other HGH-releasers (also called secretagogues) are GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), extracts from the pituitary of cattle, various glucose or carbohydrate polymers, and extracts of “broad bean”. These combinations also increase Insulin Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) which mediates all the anti-aging actions of HGH.

There is one very interesting compound called“Deer antler velvet”(found in supplements like HyperGH 14x), a superfood- which is a natural blend of several amino acids and IGF-1. This compound is highly beneficial in enhancing HGH levels.

One twelve week study of HGH secretagogues found patient experienced a 30% average increase in IGF-I level plus enhanced energy and less body fat but more muscle. Faster hair growth, diminished wrinkles and improvements in hair (less gray) and skin color occurred between the eighth and twelfth weeks.

According to medical experts, a multi-ingredient product that has lots of diverse ingredients, anti aging herbs acting in synergy via several mechanisms to produce HGH is best. If the product has undergone a clinical trial, that’s even better.

To re-emphasize, these pills won’t contain the actual hormone but ingredients and herbs that enhance body’s own hgh production.

3). Deep Sleep

Not getting enough sleep will prevent you from producing your natural growth hormone, as it is naturally made while you are resting.

The amount and quality of sleep is vital. You should try and get about eight hours of rest every night. Additionally, try and sleep in a cool, dark room; while avoiding stimuli like television, computer, and exercise before you go to sleep.

GABA is a natural deep-sleep inducer and also a HGH releaser in GenF20 Plus.

For extra melatonin, take onions, cherries, bananas, oats and rice. Melatonin is also present in mint, lemon verbena, sage and red wine.

4). Eat more protein

It’s possible for women to also raise their GH levels by consuming more protein after an intense workout. This protein will become muscle cells or be utilized to develop more muscle. This is because workouts cause a raise in GH and insulin sensitivity. Consuming protein after a workout will highly improve your physique and GH production.

5). Fasting

Occasional fasts can also up your GH levels, almost up to 1,300% during a whole day fasting.

It seems unbelievable, doesn’t it?

This is probably due to the body’s attempt at protecting lean muscle mass and metabolic function. However, this should only be a temporary method. Fasting too long will actually slow down your metabolism and alter your endocrine system in the body’s attempts to keep itself safe. Fasting for prolonged periods of time will cause you to lose muscle and keep your fat.

The Magic to Staying Young Depends on the Individual

The bottom line is that women don’t have one quick fix for aging that actually works for everyone. Don’t get me wrong, there is magic to staying young. It is simply different for everybody.

For some women diet, lifestyle are the prominent factors in deciding health and appearance. For some women, it’s the hormones and BHRT.

Whatever the case, women should try and gain as much growth hormone production as they can if they want the anti aging benefits and want to stay healthy, lean, and strong bodies and ease menopausal symptoms. This will keep their bones, skin, hair and nails durable and healthy as well. Make sure you consider the suggestions above so that you can naturally raise your GH levels.


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  1. I am actually not comfortable eating the bovin brain powder nor a bovin colostral. Seems that it was created not for human consumtion. I also concerned how the Antler Velvet are harvested. Would you by any chance came across the product that does not have those and that you would recomend? Did you personally try the GenF20 Plus?


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